In Touch

During all Scout activities we have a procedure to ensure leaders, parents and members can make contact in the event of an emergency.  Should a parent need to contact the leader team during an activity or meeting at the Headquarters please ring 020 8330 0365.  If it is a short activity away from the Headquarters parents will be advised in advance of the telephone number to contact – normally one of the leaders on the event with a mobile phone.  Where activities involve young people without leaders being present (e.g. on an Explorer Scout expedition) information on contact procedures will be given before the event.  On camps or major activities the Group will provide details of a ‘home contact’ who will ensure messages are relayed as soon as possible.  The Group holds details of the telephone numbers of parents/carers and an emergency contact for each family which were supplied when the young person joined.  These are updated each time subscriptions are collected.  In the event that it is necessary to contact you during a Group meeting or activity, the leader concerned will use this information.