The Team

Scouting wouldn’t exist without the skills and enthusiasm of thousands of unpaid adult volunteers.

The Group is run by a Group Scout Leader, who manages each of the five Section Leaders. Our Section Leaders are assisted by Assistant Leaders, Instructors and Explorer Scout Young Leaders. All of the Leaders at 2nd Cuddington undertake a continuous modular training scheme enabling us to meet the demands of young people today – this also includes full First Aid training. We are also lucky enough to have an ‘in-house’ team of PCV qualified coach drivers who undertake regular medical examinations.

Managing the ‘business affairs’ of the Group we have a Group Chairman, who works closely alongside the Group Treasurer and the Chairpersons of our Sub-Committees. The Group Executive Committee is made up of members of the Leader Team and parent representatives from each Section.


Group Scout Leader

Martin Gerrard


Beaver Scout Leader

Diana Baker

Assistant Beaver Scout Leaders

Sue Blackgrove
Brogan Hutton
Tom Hutton
Anna Louch

Colony Assistants

Sal Bacon
Pat Pfeiffer

Young Leaders



Cub Scout Leader

Julie Roberts

Assistant Cub Scout Leader

Carol Priddy

Pack Assistants

Charlie Bacon
Rod Clarke
Dave Pfeiffer
Roy Turner

Young Leaders



Assistant Scout Leaders

Simon Digweed
Mark Hodgson
Sam Hodgson
Nick Lennon
Mark Pitcher
Jack Roche
Corinne Snell
Lee Tarron
James Turner
Jane Weller

Troop Assistants

Ellie Hodgson


Explorer Scouts
Explorer Scout Leader

Jo Blackgrove

Assistant Explorer Scout Leaders

Adam Bassett
Adrian Murphy

Unit Assistants

Paul Digweed
Drew Gill
David Simms


Scout Active Support Unit
Active Support Unit Manager

George Carter


Assistant Group Scout Leader (Training)

Sandra Gosden


Group Duke of Edinburgh Award Advisor

Tracey de Whalley


Group Transport Manager

Jomar Pires


Group QuarterMasters

Rob Baker
Paul Nicholas


Group Newsletter Editor

Carol Priddy


Group Executive Committee

Paul Nowak


David Leach


Rod Clarke


Supporters Sub-Comittee

Shelley Hutton


HeadQuarters Sub-Comittee

Dave Pfeiffer