Group Diary 2017

The dates in the Group Diary do not include the regular weekly meetings, activity badges, events or many of the activities which only affect one section of the Group, or those for which dates have yet to be confirmed.  There would not be enough room to list them all!  Full details of these activities will be provided by the Section Leader or through the Group Newsletter nearer the time.  We still have to confirm the exact dates of some events and it is not unknown for others to change.  You can also check for updates and any last minute changes to the diary by visiting the Group web site at If you have any problems or queries please do not hesitate to contact the appropriate Section Leader whose details are on the back cover.


4Group Ice-Skating, Hampton Court
6-8Troop Winter Camp
11Scout Active Support Unit meeting HQ19:30
11District Leaders Safeguarding Training Course HQ20:00
17Group Beer Festival sub-committee meeting20:00
18District GSL’s meeting HQ20:00
19HQ Maintenance/coffee morning – everyone welcome09:30 - 12:00
20‘One Family Foundation’ grant presentation, HQ19:30
23Group Officers Budget pre-budget meeting
25Leaders ‘thank you’ meal for Dave Pfeiffer and Carol Priddy
25Start of collecting ‘Sainsbury’s Active Kids’ vouchers
28District Cub Scout Bowling competition
4Group Jumble Sale
4District Beaver Scout Ten Pin Bowling competition
4District Swimming Gala
6District ‘Getting Started’ Training, HQ19:00
7Group Budget meeting (Executive, Sub-committees and Leaders)
8District ‘Getting Started’ Training HQ19:00
11Group Leaders First Aid Course HQ
11-19Surrey Schools Half Term holiday
16HQ Maintenance/coffee morning – everyone welcome09:30 - 12:00
27District Safety in Scouting Training HQ20:00
7Group Leaders meeting20:30
11Group Fundraising – Race Night
12Group Leaders First Aid Course
12District Cross Country – all Sections
12County Cyclo-Cross competition
14Group Executive Committee20:30
16HQ Maintenance/coffee morning – everyone welcome09:30 - 12:00
18-19Troop Walking Weekend (Boidier Hurst)
19District Challenge Hike
21Group Beer Festival sub-committee meeting20:00
26Group Mothering Sunday Church Parade, St Marys09:30
31-17Surrey Schools Easter School holidays
8Group Fund Raising – ‘A taste of the 70s’
18Surrey Schools Summer Term starts
20HQ Maintenance/coffee morning – everyone welcome 09:30 - 12:00
22Group St Georges Day event
22Group Leaders meal (evening)
28-1Troop May Camp (Broadstone Warren)
6-7Beaver Scout Sleep-over
10District Safeguarding Course – Rowe Hall (Leaders)20:00
13District Football competition (all Sections) NESCOT
13-14County Hike Challenge
18HQ Maintenance/coffee morning – everyone welcome09:30 - 12:00
19-21D of E Bronze practice expedition
20-21County ‘Beavers Go Wild’ event – Bentley Copse
21Group Fundraising – ‘Forties tea party’
23Group Beer Festival sub-committee meeting 8 pm20:00
27-4Surrey Schools Half Term
29Beer Festival Team at Cheam Rotary Fair
6Group Leaders meeting20:30
10District Cub Scout Challenge – Boidier Hurst
11Group Church Parade – St Mary’s09:30
11Group Fund Raising – Summer Fair
13Group Executive Committee20:30
15HQ Maintenance/coffee morning – everyone welcome09:30 - 12:00
17District Cub Scout Cooking competition
17Beer Festival Team at Shadolt Park ‘Big Day Out’
20Group Beer Festival sub-committee meeting20:30
24Group Barbeque and AGM
4Group Beer Festival staffing meeting at Rowe Hall20:30
7-9‘Scoutabout’ – County Scout Section event
7-9Gilwell 24 – Explorer Scouts
13Beer Festival ‘set-up’ day
14-15Group Fund Raising - Beer Festival
16The ‘big clear up’ from the Beer Festival
20HQ Maintenance/coffee morning – everyone welcome09:30 - 12:00
21Surrey Schools summer holidays start
22-30Troop Summer Camp (Braggers Wood)
5-12Explorer Unit Summer expedition
17HQ Maintenance/coffee morning – everyone welcome09:30 - 12:00
25-28Cub Pack Summer Camp
1-3Gilwell Reunion (Leaders)
4Surrey Schools Autumn Term starts
5Group Leaders meeting20:30
8-9Theme Park Camp – Explorer Unit
12Group Executive Committee20:30
21HQ Maintenance/coffee morning – everyone welcome09:30 - 12:00
22-24Group Warden Duty at Boidier Hurst Camp Site
23District Leaders Day and District AGM – Boidier Hurst Camp Site
30Group Jumble Sale
3Leader Training – Getting Started Course Module 1 - St Marys19:00
7-8District Jamboree Selection weekend
8Group Harvest Festival Church Parade09:30
11District Leaders Safeguarding Training – Rowe Hall (Leaders)
12Leader Training – Getting Started Course Module 3 & 4 – St Marys19:00
13District Cub Scout Night Hike & sleep over (Sixers and Seconders)
14Group Fund raising – ‘Saturday Night Take away’
14County Cub Scout Cooking competition
19HQ Maintenance/coffee morning – everyone welcome09:30 - 12:00
21-29Surrey Schools Half Term holiday
12Group Remembrance Day Church Parade, St Marys10:15
14Group Leaders Meeting 8.30 pm20:30
16HQ Maintenance/coffee morning – everyone welcome09:30 - 12:00
18District Emergency Aid badge course (all Sections)
21Group Executive Committee 8.30 20:30
25Group ‘Formal Meal’
3Group Fund Raising – Christmas Fair
4District Young Leaders Christmas get together
5Beaver/Cub Christmas Party
8Beer Festival Team and Troop - Lights on Stoneleigh Broadway
12Group Carol Service, St Mary's Church19:00
14Explorer Unit Christmas Meal
18Peace Light Ceremony – Bentley Copse Camp Site
21HQ Maintenance/coffee morning – everyone welcome09:30 - 12:00
21Surrey Schools Christmas Holiday starts
4Surrey Schools Spring Term starts
4First Explorer Scout Meeting 2017
5First Scout Troop Meeting 2017
9First Beaver Colony and Cub Pack meetings 2017